Ongoing Support

We have built “Issue Tracking and Ticketing System” which allows efficient and rapid resolutions for issues as and if they arise. 

As you go through or manage your website you may encounter something contrary to your expectations.

The quickest way to communicate the error is through email. Through the built in ticketing system we provide a ticket number to client, which enables our support staff and client to be up-to-date about the ticket raised and solved. Once the error is solved ticket ID is automatically closed and if not it remains open till the issue is not resolved.

This type of support enables our support team to stay connected with the issue faced by the client. We also see to it that client does not have to repeat the whole problem or error everytime by mail or on phone call. Through the ticket ID our support staff will come to know the exact problem and the actions taken against it. It enables us to build a strong relationship with client & satisfy their changing needs from time to time.
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